Thursday, December 29, 2011

Everything AND the bathroom Sink!

It has been awhile since I posted.  It has been a busy week or two.  I had a wonderful Christmas, and I am looking forward to this weekend.  My son is coming in from Hawaii to to visit for about a week.  He is a submariner in the Navy, and I am really looking forward to his visit. It has been a YEAR since I have wrapped my arms around that boy! But, that means I am going to be busy for another week, so I thought I better get this post off. I took some pictures of a mosaic counter top that I did a while back. My salon had the ugliest bathroom counter in Southern Indiana, I am sure.   As always, the budget is tight, so I thought I would make one.  The glass I used is called Van Gough Glass.  It comes in a variety of colors. This particular glass was copper, green, and brown.  The back of the glass is black so it is opaque and is mostly used for mosaics, but perhaps you could use it in stained glass projects too.  An epoxy product was poured over the top of it so that it would be smooth. My biggest fan did all the plumbing, that is just not my bag. He did an excellent job with the placement of the faucet and drain holes, which, by the way, were drilled in the board before the mosaic was laid.  The water hit the bowl perfectly!

Close up of Mosaic (pretty random placement)
Hope you like it, Thanks for Looking!! Happy New Year!  It's gonna' be a good one, I can just tell!!

Thanks For Looking,  Kathy

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  1. I want my bathroom sink to look like this. The upstairs bathroom. You're going to have to get me started. I love it.

  2. It's easy peasy! No problemo Val!

  3. I want to dothis too. I have the tiles to match the ones in the new wall. So they wont be random. Did you do this directly on top of the cabinet or is it a separate piece? I am probably too ambitious.. doubt I will ever have the time.

  4. I used a piece of MDF board for the top. Fly me to Sweden and I will do it for you!