Sunday, October 14, 2012

Peggy's Table

 Wow!  It has been a really busy summer, and I have not done much blogging, but that doesn't mean that I have just been sitting around doing nothing!  We have had a visits from son #3 the Marine, and a visit from Son #2 the Submariner, then a visit to see my son # 3 with son # 2 at his Marine Base in North Carolina, sitting with grand baby #1,  he is from Son #1, and a wedding for Step-daughter #!, so I think we are done for a while, we will see......

Peggy's Table was a commissioned project I worked on in the mean time of all the above.  Peggy is a dear friend and a long time customer, and I appreciate her faith in me to finish this project, with only the guidance of certain colors and she wanted something "Really Different". I think she got it!  She had just gotten a new sectional sofa in this beautiful Aqua color, so we matched the base color with the sofa and her paint color and went from there.  She gave me one of her dishes to integrate the other colors she wanted into the table.

This  was my inspiration:

Paint Color

and This
Her Dishes

Here is  the first coat of paint.  I think I  painted 3 coats of paint on each swirl and paisley, Whew!

On top of the acrylic paints I mixed some of my favorite stuff to use.  Premier Pigments, Pearl Ex Powders with some clear acrylic.  For the Dark Teal color I used Duo Blue-Green, the Light Blue Color I used True Blue,  lime green I used Spring Green,  the Coral Color, I used  Pumpkin Orange, the dark purple I used Misty Lavender, and the yellow, I used Bright Yellow.

My stash of Pearl Ex Pigments from Premier Pigments

This is after the Pearl Ex was applied.

After Pearl Ex was applied

Another picture after Pearl Ex was applied

The next step is to apply the glass pieces.  I used a clear glass, and nipped them in to these very small pieces.  I try to follow the pattern of the design, so that when I apply the grout, the entire design shows through and is not covered up by the grout lines.

Per Peggy's Request,  I added some of her jewels.  Some times while laying all these little pieces of glass, I think, "Kathy, are you CRAZY?", but I know it is worth it when it is all finished!

Getting ready for the grout.  I tape off the edges so that I don't get grout where I don't want it.  I can tend to be a little messy with this step!

After it is  grouted, I  applied several coats of  Clear Acrylic mixed with Pearl Ex Pigments  Interference Red to give it a nice shimmer!

Here is the finished product in her house.  One of Peggy's  Bengal Cats,  Daisy,  was checking out the new interesting object in the room, making sure it smells O.K.!

Daisy Posing for a picture!


What do you think?

She has asked me to make another table for in front of the new sofa. I think she is going to use the swirly/paisley one in her foyer.  The plan is for it to be the same base color and the top will be a mosaic of of a Peacock Feather!  Oh, Boy, wish me luck!

A special thank you to a special lady!  Thanks for the work and Thanks for letting to be creative!