Sunday, January 15, 2012

I can never, ever do anything perfect!

Have you heard of Subway Art? Well. apparently it is one of the newest things in wall decor.  So of course, I had to make one for myself.  There are a many ways that you can make these.  I chose to paint mine on a piece of art board.  You can personalize these or it can be a verse or a quote that means something to you, or it can just be something random.  I chose to personalize mine by naming some of the vacation spots that "my biggest fan" and I have been to since we were married in 2000.  I first painted the art board in a brownish bronze color then I traced the words with different size stencils.  I hand painted all the words giving them 2-3 coats of paint as needed.  I gave it a little hand sanding to slightly distress it and couple of coats of  poly to protect it.  While painting, I had this thing upside down, side ways, back and forth and back and forth, and NEVER noticed my MISTAKE until I was taking this picture.  I swear, I always goof somewhere!  I can usually hide it fix it, but this time I was done, done, DONE, painting those letter, so I just left it.  See if you can find my mistake!
 I can't believe I didn't notice this!  Maybe I am a little dyslexic.../  Just a reminder that there is always room for improvement, and no matter how hard I try, I will never do things perfectly, but that is why they call it art, right?  I am right, right? Ok.   Oh, one other thing, I haven't been to Hawaii yet, but I am going this year to see my son, come hell or high water!  Just a little reminder to  "my biggest fan". ;).

                                          Here are some other examples of Subway Art

This one is really distressed!

  I love, love, love this dresser.  I can't wait until I find a dresser  like this so I can paint my own version.  I just might make mine with some of the streets in Santa Claus, or Tell City or.....I am not sure,  but will come up with something.  Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to look.



  1. So happy to say I spent alot of those vacations with you. Even Cozumel with a backward z. Love it. It looks awesome. I will be on the lookout for the dresser. I love that idea. Love You

  2. I just did subway art on my coffee table! I love the way it came out. It is about 3 posts back on mine but I love the look of subway art!