Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Teal (End) Table - Boonville, IN Poison Table

Here is another great auction item that I purchased a few weeks ago.  My biggest fan was with me at the auction and we thought this little end table would work great in our sun room between our two lounging chairs.  We put it in the back of my XUV and brought it home.  When we opened up the back to get it out there was this horrible stench!  Ewwww! What was that smell?  I don't know, but this little puppy got banished to the great outdoors for a few days to air out.  I had just read on someone else's blog, sorry but I can't remember who's, that the cure for stinky furniture was to let it air out outside a few days, and if you have some sunshine that is even better.  It worked great, nary a smell too it now! Here is the before picture:
Airing that Puppy out!

I decided on a teal colored paint that I already had in my stash, the colors in my sun room are browns, oranges, tans, so I thought the teal would add a nice pop to the room, plus I already had it. Recently I had been stalking  looking through the Graphics Fairies Blog here and had been wanting to use one of her wonderful graphics on something. I found this graphic that I thought would look awesome on this end table. The Graphics Fairy has tons of FREE graphic for the taking, did you hear that, they are FREE! I also searched her blog for some instructions on how to transfer these babies with ease and you can find that here.  I needed to make the image bigger so I used her advise on that also by going to this site http://www.blockposters.com/ to make the image the size that I needed.  It was really easy, and I did it all by myself, I was so proud!  I used the transfer method where you use a pastel to scribble on the back side of your copy. I taped it down on my piece and traced the image on.  In the tutorial they suggested using a pastel, which I did have, but if you don't have any pastels,  I don't know why a crayon would not work.  Since the top was black I used a piece of chalk to get the outline of the shield traced on first, and painted the shield a creamy white, then used the pastel on the rest of it to transferred it onto the white shield.
chalk outline
Pastel scribbles
Be sure and check to make sure it is all transferring.  Oopps, I need some more  pastel there.

Using various sized paint pens I filled in the lettering
Here is the top finished:

The end table in my room:

This is my comfy lounge, blogging spot with my laptop
Fancy little knobs I had laying around.  Sprayed them with a metallic charcoal grey and then Painted the center (wood) part with that creamy white and used the paint pen to make the hash marks.

Since this guy had that "stinking" problem, before I painted it, I washed it down really, really well, and then sealed it on the underside of the  top and underneath, and inside the drawer with a poly spray-on, just to be on the safe side.  My biggest fan said I was NOT bringing that thing in the house if it remotely had any remaining stink to it! I primed it with black, painted on the teal, distressed it a bit,  glazed it with a watered down black paint,  and then  used paste  wax all over. What do you think?


Here is another little project I was working on at the same time.  This graphic was also on the Graphics Fairy blog.  I thought it was a hoot and just had to use it somewhere.  Booneville, IN is just a few miles down the road from where I live.  I believe I read on that post that "The Graphics Fairy", herself, used to live right down the road from me in Boonville, IN!  I should message her about that! (note to self)

I had this piece of wood lying around.  I think it was a shelf at one time.  Found it AND the base of this little table at my favorite junk shop. I think I paid a whole $2.50 for both the of them.  So here it is:


Plus This


Equals THIS

The top

Before Distressing - I kinda messed up on the "S", so needed to do some distressing  to hide that little  bitty mistake!
So what do you think of my little  BOONVILLE, IN POISON table??

Thanks for looking, came back often, to see what I have been up to!  I have been busy working on the two side chairs that I bought at my favorite junk shop.  They are almost done!

I love your comments, so keep them coming!

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  1. These turned out wonderful. Don't you just love The Graphics Fairy! I'm following you now - can't wait to see more of your projects.


    1. Thanks, Kristen, it is fun doing the Graphics, thanks for being a follower too!

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