Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mosaic Tables Tops

I have been working for several weeks trying to get these tables finished. Finally, I think they are!  The Table legs are made from an old Porch post.  The tops are just a piece of 2 x 2 x 3/4" plywood that I painted black.  The Green and brown swirl one is a mosaic of scraped stained Glass. The other table top I painted the plywood, with the design of a large flower, and then I just used little bits of clear glass on top of the painted design, grouted it and placed it in the Iron frame that was made by a friend of mine, Kenny Jones, also from Santa Claus.  He does amazing work.  Then I sealed the 2 x 2 in the the iron frame with silicone.  I did do that, I really did, but when I poured the two part epoxy top, Oh.... it just leaked every where!  What a mess.  So "my biggest fan" did a wonderful job of using his grinder to grind off all of the excess dried up epoxy that leaked underneath the frames.  So I poured one more time on each and I think they are ready.  You can see the disassembled pieces in the pictures below.

Painting the frames for the Table tops.  I used a black chalk board paint and then a sprayed clear over  the chalk board paint.

Table top after I started applying the glass pieces.  I used a clear gel glue to apply the clear glass pieces.

After all the glass pieces had been glued down.

 One of the porch posts.  I really didn't do much to them other than sand off all the old, loose paint, then I used a Jacobo Bean Stain and went over the post, making sure that it settled in all the grooves, and places the paint was chipped off.  I sprayed it with a Spray gloss sealer.

The other post, before it was stained and sealed.

The green and brown stained glass top.

The flower top, grouted and sealed.

The finished products!  What do you think?

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  1. That table looks a little catywompas, I'm working on that..