Monday, November 28, 2011

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pawn stars!

Guess what guys I am going to get to see the Pawn Star Guys this weekend with my auction owner friends in Anderson, Indiana! I am so excited! I will post pictures when I get back. But of course that means that I won't get to work on any of my projects this weekend:(, but there will be time for that later. Can't miss this opportunity!

I finally have some pictures to share from my time with the Pawn Stars.  I didn't get a good picture with the guys. There was one that was taken with Rick, but my friend, Kim, was shaking so much, or laughing, I am not sure which it was, but that darn picture was so blurry, you can barely tell who it is. Grrrrrr.  But I do have proof that I was there.
We had a blast that weekend,  It was good to get out of HO HO Land!  Remind me the next time I go out of town to NOT go to a casino.  I was not very lucky!  This is what I left the Casino with:

Actually I had one cashout voucher  for .02 cents, but I needed that one, and had to cash it in earlier, so I guess, I was .23 cents ahead.
This is the Group of Diva's that accompanied me on our Pawn Star Stalking Tour
Nova, Shelley, Me, Kim

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Stripped Dresser!

I was so inspired by Miss Mustard Seed's Stripped Dresser!  I knew if I could find one similar it would look perfect in my house.  That very week my friend that owns the Indiana Realty Auction house, had a dresser that would be perfect for this make over.  I got a great deal on it too.  It was missing one handle, so i filled the holes for the top two drawer pulls and drilled a hole in the middle of each one.  I used the parts of the handle that were still on the dresser and just pulled a ribbon through for now.  But now I kinda like it!

Of course this is the before.  There is a mirror laying on top of the Dresser. I bought that at the auction too!! I did do some light sanding all over the piece before I taped it off.  I also had to fill in some places where the veneer had peeled off.  "My Biggest Fan"  also made me a little wooden piece that was missing.

After it is taped off and two coats of paint.

After the tape was pulled off.  I gave it a light distressing with the hand sander, and went over it with a dark stain, some furniture wax and this is what it looked like! I am so in LOVE with it!  It is perfect in that spot! What do you think?

Thanks for looking,  Kathy
Your comments make me ;) 

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Mosaic Tables Tops

I have been working for several weeks trying to get these tables finished. Finally, I think they are!  The Table legs are made from an old Porch post.  The tops are just a piece of 2 x 2 x 3/4" plywood that I painted black.  The Green and brown swirl one is a mosaic of scraped stained Glass. The other table top I painted the plywood, with the design of a large flower, and then I just used little bits of clear glass on top of the painted design, grouted it and placed it in the Iron frame that was made by a friend of mine, Kenny Jones, also from Santa Claus.  He does amazing work.  Then I sealed the 2 x 2 in the the iron frame with silicone.  I did do that, I really did, but when I poured the two part epoxy top, Oh.... it just leaked every where!  What a mess.  So "my biggest fan" did a wonderful job of using his grinder to grind off all of the excess dried up epoxy that leaked underneath the frames.  So I poured one more time on each and I think they are ready.  You can see the disassembled pieces in the pictures below.

Painting the frames for the Table tops.  I used a black chalk board paint and then a sprayed clear over  the chalk board paint.

My Second Batch of Copper and Painted Mirrors

These are a few of my second "batch" of mirrors that I made using Copper, Mica Paint (my own mixture), and lots, and lots, of brads with my new electric staple gun!  Boy does that save time.  My first few mirrors I used to attach the copper with little black tacks, there is only one way to get those babies in there - a tack hammer and needle nose pliers! The little black tacks do look nice though.   I decided to get an electric staple gun, after having trouble with a sore elbow. Next time I make one of these mirrors I will take pictures and attempt to make a tutorial.

A long time coming...

Well, this is a long time coming.  My first time blogging.  I am not sure where to here goes!  I would like for this blog to document, my ideas, my good projects, my GREAT projects, and my not so great projects. For the last few years I have been driven to make and create things.....sometimes, I think I am crazy! I wake up in the middle of the night with some of my "projects"  They seem really awesome at 2:00 a.m., but then by about 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning, when I wake up, well..... sometimes they aren't so awesome.

I have been trying to take pictures of all my awesomeness (is that a word?) I am not the greatest picture taker, but I am learning.  These are some of my latest projects that I will share with you.  I still have most of them so I am going to take better pictures and re-post.

I also have to mention "My Biggest Fan" my wonderful Husband, Mike!  Without him, I would not be where I am.  He is so supportive of all my crazy ideas.  He just shakes his head when I come up with some "great" idea, or drag something home from the Auction House (that is another story in its self, more on that later).