Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mike's Bar and the Painted Lady

It has been another busy day. I finishing up some projects I have been working on for Christmas Presents for family and friends, so I am going to share some photos of MIKE'S BAR.  This is a project "My Biggest Fan" and I worked on a few years ago.  We also had some help from my youngest son Ethan when he was in his last year of high school. Ethan helped cut and place the glass pieces and grout the design. I believe most, if not all of the other family members donated items to this project, including, beer tops, wedding rings (bad decisions), VW memorabilia, jewelry, Swedish Kronar,  wine corks, wine bottles, and let us not forget the coon prick that graces the inside of  the insert on the right side of the bar.  The left insert is  a design of ammunition and various shells, and a dedication to my two sons that are in the service, one a United States Marine and the other a Submariner in the U.S. Navy.  The main Structure of the Bar was built by "My Biggest Fan" using mostly recycled material.  The Tongue and groove paneling and the foot rail came out of the burnt out building that used to house the Lake Rudolph Camp Ground Office.  The Bar Rail was from some unused milled work from a friends of ours.  The Benches were made from the sides of an old water bed, (see there was a use for those things).  The new additions this summer were the fancily painted porch posts on each end of the bar, and the "flying lady" masterfully positioned by "my biggest fan", and painted by ME!  I have 3 or 4 more of those old mannequins, she may have some company soon!  There was one more recent addition to the bar area, but I did not get a picture of it before I BROKE my camera, is what "my biggest fan" likes to call his Tequila Swing.  I will just let you imagine what that is until I get a picture of it with my new camera, I am going to have to shop for tomorrow.  :) The Camera accident:  I set the camera, that was attached to the a tripod, away from the bar. I was getting ready to take a picture of "my biggest fan", and one of the legs of the tripod wasn't pulled out as far as the other legs, when I let go,  wham!  The tripod fell over with the camera lens facing the concrete.  So now the lens is bent in the "out" position, and the camera will not turn off or on properly.  The good news is that I was able to download the pictures I had just taken. I swear I had not sampled anything from the bar before this happened!  So here it is: MIKE'S BAR

Can anyone figure out what the things on the ends of the benches are?  For those of you that have been to Mike's Bar don't tweet it.
Glass Mosaic Bar Top
The glass was grouted, then liquid acrylic was poured over the entire bar

Porch Post - I think we used every left over can of spray paint we had, It took us a whole Sunday Afternoon
to paint this, but it was worth it don't you think?
The "Flying  Lady"~ I like to think of her as "the colorful twists and turns of a woman". She will be joined soon by 3 or 4 more ladies that need to have some clothes (or paint) on before they will show themselves off! 
There has been a lot of fun had by our family and friends in this bar, so the project was well worth the time and effort.

Pictures of the Tequila Swing to be added later and I guess the identity of "my biggest fan" will remain a mystery for a little while longer. Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow! Great job! We have plans for a bar in the basement one of these days. Thank you so much for sharing yours in the DIY Project Parade! ;)