Monday, December 12, 2011

My very first Mosaic Mirror

Since I had a really busy day at my Beauty Salon today, I thought that I would just share a picture of the very first Mirror that I decorated.  I have had this mirror for several years and the design that was on the frame was quite out of date.  I was just getting into fused glass and stained glass and had lots of scraps laying around, so this is what I did with them.
This was my very first Mosaic Mirror.  I used strips of fire glazed stained glass, Van Gough Glass, and fused
dichroic glass.  I had so many complements on this from my family and friends, now you can't stop me.
 It is so hard to take a picture of a mirror!  There is always a reflection of something, just as long as it isn't me I guess! I tried to smear the reflection in the first photo, but that took forEVER, so you will just have to look at my large clock in this one.  I gave up!  Thanks for looking!

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