Sunday, May 20, 2012

Re-decorated Deck

It happened this fall.  We kept putting off taking down the fabric gazebo on our deck.  The weather had been so nice, I didn't want to put it away.  It was also the third year for this gazebo, and I was sure that with the weather and sun, it was not long for this world.  I heard a storm brewing one night, a lot of wind, and some clinking and clanking out on the deck.  This is what I woke up to!

My gazebo was done for, the wind had ripped it and torn it off the frame.  

This spring whilst talking to my "biggest fan" about getting a new one, he came up with the idea of building me a pergola!  Wow!  I was really happy that he was  think in the direction of something more permanent, but I wasn't too keen on the pergola.  Pergola's are beautiful and it would have really looked nice, but I really want something to shade from the sun.  The deck faces the West, and even though we are surrounded by large trees, the sun can be relentless here in Southern Indiana,  and frankly it is just no fun being on this deck with no shelter.  My biggest fan was not too excited about my idea of a regular roof, covered with corrugated metal.  He said he didn't want it to look like "Chicken Coop", what?  I assured him that it would not look like a chicken coop.  So after much figuring and sypherin' (his words) he came up with a plan.

This is just after the project started, the railing needed to be taking off.  By the way "my biggest fan" built this deck shortly after we build the house, and he did a pretty darn good job.\

Frame is going up!  Oh, I was so excited!   Our good friend Scott Helped get this part done!  Thank you Scott!

Since I was getting the new addition to my deck, I could put my old faded patio table and chairs back they way they were, soooooooo

I found this old swing at a favorite junk shop, so I drug it home.

Oh, but look at it now!

I covered the seats in this green stripped fabric, and made a pillow for necks during star gazing and

The cushions on my patio chairs were so faded from the sun, I looked into some new ones, but boy are they proud of those puppies!  No way was I paying those kind of prices, I could buy a new Patio set for that.  I couldn't find any the right shape for the backs of my chairs anyway, so I just decided to cover them.  It was really easy, I just made a sack for the cushions.  I sewed some ribbons at the opens to tie them shut and to tie them onto the chairs.  It was about $80 for the fabric, but waaaaaaay cheaper than new ones.  I think they look quite nice!

I found these grass rugs at Tree's and Trends for $10 each!  I was going to paint a border, but I think I like them just like this!  (it is a lot less work too)

This is another re-store find.  Doesn't every deck have a chandelier?  It was old and had very old wiring, so I took out all the guts, took it all apart, spray painted it this pretty green, and then TRIED to put it back together.  NOTE TO SELF:  take pictures of chandelier's before you take them apart.  I worked on that *%*($(# thing about an hour and a half, trying to figure out how it went back together, until I was ready to throw it OVER the deck!  Thankfully, "my biggest fan" came along and put it back together for me.  Still not sure if is right, but it is WAY better than I had it.  We only had a few parts left over! See my new roof above it?

I am going to put candles in the little cups for those candle light dinners or Wine parties!

Here are some more pictures!  

My oldest son made this chair for me when he was in High School.  One of these days I am going to make a foot stool for it. I spray painted it white, I believe it had a redwood stain on it before.

My grandson's little space.

My flowers are starting to grow!

I love my new Deck.  I have already spent more time out here in the last few weeks than I did all last year!!!

A big THANK YOU to my "biggest fan"  you inspire me!

I also think I need to have some girlfriends over for a Wine Party!  Any takers?

Thanks for looking!