Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pawn stars!

Guess what guys I am going to get to see the Pawn Star Guys this weekend with my auction owner friends in Anderson, Indiana! I am so excited! I will post pictures when I get back. But of course that means that I won't get to work on any of my projects this weekend:(, but there will be time for that later. Can't miss this opportunity!

I finally have some pictures to share from my time with the Pawn Stars.  I didn't get a good picture with the guys. There was one that was taken with Rick, but my friend, Kim, was shaking so much, or laughing, I am not sure which it was, but that darn picture was so blurry, you can barely tell who it is. Grrrrrr.  But I do have proof that I was there.
We had a blast that weekend,  It was good to get out of HO HO Land!  Remind me the next time I go out of town to NOT go to a casino.  I was not very lucky!  This is what I left the Casino with:

Actually I had one cashout voucher  for .02 cents, but I needed that one, and had to cash it in earlier, so I guess, I was .23 cents ahead.
This is the Group of Diva's that accompanied me on our Pawn Star Stalking Tour
Nova, Shelley, Me, Kim


  1. Awesome!! Didn't know you were this computer savvy!! Great job

  2. Ok who is anonymous? Must be some one I know?