Saturday, March 31, 2012

So many projects - so little time!

I have been working on so many projects lately and haven't posted for so long. Nothing is completely finished! I am hoping to be finished with them in the next few days. We finally got all the tile down in my kitchen, we got all the trim work done this week, so it is pretty much done, except the the styling, and then pictures. Last weekend I spend all day Sunday painting my laundry room. I thought, "this is a small project", it should only take am few hours! Wrong! We moved the dryer out, but not the washer, so all day I was moving the washer back and forth and back and forth to get where I needed to paint. We have 9' ceilings in this house, so I have to get the ladder to reach the ceiling to paint the trim, moving that thing around with the washer still in the room was a challenge. Of course once I got the walls painted the baseboards and the door frames looked like crap so I had to paint them too! Anyway, that two hour project turned into an all day project! I don't know about you, but, I always figure I am going to get twice as much done in a day as I actually do! I can't wait to show you the restore chandelier I bought that is now hanging in the laundry room! It is so awesome! My "biggest fan" thought it was the gaudiest thing he had ever seen when I picked it out at the restore! He should know better by now... to say things like that! It is just a challenge to me, to make it awesome! I also have two arm chairs that I finished, I have taken the pictures now, so will be posting that soon also! What a transformation they are! Later... Pictures to be posted soon!

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