Friday, February 10, 2012

Beautiful in Black (Arm Chair)

This nice arm chair came from my favorite junk shop, and it was really in need of some LOVE!  I was so excited when I found it,  I didn't look it over too well.  I just wanted to make sure it was not wobbly. I really need to curb my enthusiasm, until I give things a good once over, because there was a couple of slight flaws.  Evidently some one had tried to give it some LOVE before me, and did a pretty good job of making it sturdy. It wasn't a bit wobbly, due to the  nice "fix-it" job on the bottom rung. Here is the before.

This is the seat that came with it. It did not fit right, that was Flaw #1
 Can you see flaw #2?  The two bottom rungs did not match!  One was just a DOWEL ROD! What the...? I had to come up with a plan......

Instead of trying to hide it ( which probably wasn't going to happen), I decided to make it stand out.
Chair Rung (AKA DOWEL ROD)

 Here it is after some sanding and a new paint job, with my homemade flat black chalk paint.
I cut that new seat for this guy, the one that it came with was pretty nasty, and I really did not want to try to fix it or even touch it! It went straight to the trash.   I am kinda thinkin' this wasn't even the same type of  seat that was original to this chair.  It may have been rush or leather, because the new one still doesn't want to fit right, but  it's better than the one it came with.    I may have to do some more work on it now that I see the close up pictures.  Anyway, here it is all dressed up.

Nice chunky legs!

(The fabric was a great deal at the Auction House, BTW)

I accented the little balls on top with  red to tie in with the seat fabric and "the stand out"  dowel rod, Ahemm,  Rung.
It is almost as CUTE as my Grandson in the picture above it!  Don't you think?

Thanks for looking!  I like comments, they make me ;)

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