Friday, February 3, 2012

Bathroom Cabinet

This is one of the projects that I finished yesterday.  I have had this cabinet for a while using it in my bathroom to keep towels and bathroom stuff in. I moved it out of the bathroom a few years ago when I redecorated my bathroom, and  I moved it into the closet for storage.  It always seemed to be in the way,  so out to my garage Studio it went.  Originally I was planning on covering the wicker part of the door with some fabric that I had, but being the cheapo that I am I didn't want to buy a new can of paint for such a small project.  After trying to mix a color to match  the fabric, with no success, I just painted it with some paint I had on hand, Kilz Autumn Abundance and and mixed it with my home made chalk paint recipe.  First I painted it with some white primer, because I really didn't feel like sanding inside where the shelves were. I painted it, and sanded to distress  leaving some of the white primer show through,  I used some dark stain over the top of the paint  to tone down the orange/rust color.  Then waxed it with dark wax.  All said and done. it looked pretty darn  good with out the door.  Problem solved with the fabric color v. paint color dilemma. It looks pretty good I think.  I may  have put it back in my bathroom!  Here it is before:

Before - door on
After - all pretty and door-less!
distressed top
Is it  a keeper or a seller?

 One more project out of my garage Studio! (to make room for more, of course!)

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